Bike stolen in Greece

After my phone got robbed the drama continued. My worst nightmare became reality, my bike got stolen.

When I was still recovering from the robbery i started looking for a new phone. I went to the city centre to a shop called Public in the most busy street of Thessaloniki. I locked my bike extra save with 2 locks and went into the store. When i came back I couldn’t believe it. I went back into the store, when i came out the second time I realised it was real, my bike was gone!
My heart skipped from 60 bpm to 120 bpm and a thunderstorm of stress went trough my body. I couldn’t believe it. In shock i ran to the nearest police station and told them what happened. In a Greek style the police started to prepare their self and slowly take of to search for my steel baby girl.

Defeated i was sitting on sidewalk in front of the police station. Within 2 weeks i lost everything. I lost my communication, my transport and parts of my house. I feel empty and i still don’t realise that this is really happening. To make a report i have to go to another police office, with a numb feeling i am walking on crowded streets of Thessaloniki. I feel the tears burning in my eyes. Flashback of all the hard work i have done to get this bike, the happiness i felt traveling by bike, my big dream, it was all for nothing. Here i am, robbed of my stuff as a stranger in a strange city, i feel so alone. I can’t hold it any longer an tears are rolling over my cheeks.

Finally arrived in the police station i have to wait in a room which looks more like a cell than a waiting room. A room with old furniture, paint coming of the walls and a flickering light. I sit down and breath deeply. There is a sort of queue but without any order, there is no coffee or water and it takes ages. Finally it’s my turn, i friendly young officer takes my report. The only thing i can do now is to have faith.

Shot of Open TV, public tv Greece

My faith in government agencies of Greece is at a very low level so i decide to start my own hunt by informing the media. A couchsurfer Tasos Karantos, who is a reporter for a online magazine, i got in contact with Parallaxi magazine. They wanted to post it and even Greek national television shared my story.

I hope the thieves think twice and decide to do the good thing. I know ther is a small change but not trying is not a option for me. I believe hope is stronger than hate! And i hope to find a way to continue my journey! 




  • Alice

    Arme Jitse, ik kan niet geloven wat ik lees! Wat een pech… Jij met zo’n onvoorstelbaar mooi doel voor ogen, zo gedreven, zo bevlogen. Het maakt mij toch heel boos en verdrietig dat jou dit moet overkomen. Wens je heel veel kracht toe om hier overheen te komen. Aan doorzettingsvermogen heeft het jou nooit ontbroken dus het gaat lukken!

    • Jitse

      Ja Alice het is soms hard, heel hard. De realisatie dat het maar materiaal is helpt. Al doet het pijn in mijn hart om dat over mijn fiets te zeggen haha. Ik ben gelukkig oké en ik kan gelukkig door:)

  • Saskia pluijm

    Lieve jitse, wat een verdrietig bericht. Ik vind het ontzettend naar voor je en leef met jou mee, en wens de dief toe dat hij/zij zich bedenkt en de fiets teruggeeft. Veel kracht en liefde voor jou van saskia

  • Roland

    BALEN! Precies waarom ik op m’n fietstochten met een boog om steden heen trap en als ik er doorheen moet, zoveel mogelijk in beweging zodat ik of m’n spullen geen doelwit worden.


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