From negative to positive!

It was by far the most crazy week of my journey. After my phone also my bike and gear got stolen. I felt so down I had no idea what to do!

I got in contact with the Greek media to try to find my bike back. It went way bigger than I expected and it did go viral. I was on every big tv channel and even the public news! But without any result (beside that fact that people are reconsidering me in the streets haha)

In the meanwhile preparations where going on in the Netherlands for a crowdfunding. I jumped in the boat and there we go. Three days of hard work to try get the funds for a new bike.

Also the Dutch media got to know it and interviews where published in national and local news channels. After a famous Dutch guy Bas Smit shared the message in Instagram it started going big! The result of this rollercoaster…see it for yourself down here!

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