Foundation DreamCycle

The DreamCycle Foundation was created to help children with cancer and ex child-
cancer patients live their dreams. The fact that they are limited in what they can do
right now does not have to mean they can’t realize their dreams. These might be short or
long-term dreams. From a day at an amusement park to becoming a professional
footballer or film star.
To make this possible, exercise during and after the illness is very important.
Children will be given both physical and mental support to regain body confidence.
The DreamCycle Foundation works together with the Princess Maxima Centre to
achieve this goal.

How do we go about this?
The foundation is committed to inspiring and motivating children to energize through
exercise and live their dreams. The foundation will try to achieve this in various ways.
For example, activities will be organized to allow children to experience the joy of
exercise. We also try to inspire children through blogs and vlogs made by Jitse
Bouma (ex-cancer patient and founder of the DreamCycle foundation) during his
cycling trip to India. Within the Princess Maxima Centre a programme will be started
called ‘maximum exercise’. This programme aims to stimulate children to exercise
as much as possible during their illness. Children will be accompanied by the
attending physicians and physiotherapists. The DreamCycle Foundation considers
this a great initiative and also wants to contribute to this.
The DreamCycle Foundation collects money for research into the health situation of
children with cancer and how this can be optimized through physiotherapy,
occupational therapy and psychological support.
If you want to help ill children realize their dreams, click  here to donate.